Midweek @ theChurch

September 27, 2023

Sept 13, Sept 20, Sept 27, Oct 11, Oct 18, Oct 25, Nov 8, Nov 15 | Wednesdays @ 7pm-8:30pm | 8 weeks

An Exciting Gathering for Spiritual Growth and Community!


Join us every Wednesday night (except the first Wednesday of the month) at 7 pm for an extraordinary experience that will enrich your faith journey and foster deeper connections within our church family.


Please note that on the first Wednesday night of each month, we will be hosting First Wednesdays at 7pm. For more information click: https://www.atthechurch.tv/events/first-wednesday.


Children’s Classes

For our young ones, we have planned captivating and age-appropriate classes and small groups, designed to help them grow in their faith and friendships. Check out this awesome class for kids! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZB2CT2yalvJy3TtG3GjILhWDZfZ-A4Wc/view?usp=sharing


XChange Youth

The youth will embark on an adventure of learning and discovery, equipping them to face life's challenges with confidence and grace. Find our more details here: https://www.atthechurch.tv/events/xchange-youth-group.


theChurch Bible U

Meanwhile, adults will have the opportunity to participate in enriching classes, delving deeper into the Scriptures and gaining fresh insights. Find out more details and sign up here: https://www.atthechurch.tv/events/thechurch-bible-u-thechurch.


Midweek is a place where spiritual growth meets genuine community. We can't wait to see you there! Get ready for a Wednesday night like no other, starting September 13th at 7 pm. Let's unite, learn, and grow together!


Your Journey to Wellness

Join Jeanine Lindquist, and begin your own personal journey of wellness as she helps you move forward and UP-ward!  We will reflect on the various dimensions of wellness, and apply God's healing touch to each one!  Jeannine will take you through some of the video resources she's created to begin conversations, and allow you to personally reflect, grow, and lean on God's Truths! ...and each class will leave you with 'something to SMILE about!'  :) Click here to sign up: https://www.atthechurch.tv/events/your-journey-to-wellness