Father's Day @ theChurch

June 15, 2024

Saturday @ 6pm

June 16, 2024

Sunday @ 9am & 11am

Join us for Father’s Day at theChurch as we celebrate all men on Saturday, June 15th, at 6pm and Sunday, June 16th, at 9am & 11am! Pastor Tony Scott will deliver a powerful message titled “The Word Empowered Man!” We will have special touches in the lobby honoring all men!

Additionally, after the Saturday night service, join us for a Saturday Fun Night filled with games, a cookout, and family time from 7:30pm to 9pm!

Christian fathers and men play a pivotal role in shaping families and society. Their unwavering commitment to faith and dedication to living out Christian values make them indispensable figures in the lives of loved ones and communities. Christian dads embody the teachings of Christ, serving as role models of love, compassion, integrity, and selflessness. They prioritize families, providing emotional support, spiritual guidance, and a stable foundation. Christian men, beyond their families, are vital pillars in society, upholding justice, kindness, and respect. Through their actions, they inspire positive change and actively contribute to the well-being of their communities.

Let's come together as a church to honor and celebrate the incredible impact of all the Christian dads and men in our lives. It will be a joyful celebration filled with love, laughter, and heartfelt appreciation for their unwavering dedication and devotion.